1.Noun forms   
1. Words Ending In ‘Tion’ :

Adsorb                              Adsorption

Acquire                              Acquisition

Admire                             Admiration

Anticipate                          Anticipation.

Apply                                Application

Attend                               Attention

Celebrate                           Celebration

Concentrate                      Concentration

Console                            Consolation

Consult                              Consultation

Continue                           Continuation

Convince                          Conviction

Create                              Creation

Describe                            Description

Excavate                           Excavation

Except                               Exception

Exclaim                             Exclamation

Explain                              Explanation

Hesitate                             Hesitation

Inscribe                             Inscription

Inspire                               Inspiration

Invite                                 Invitation

Irritate                               Irritation

Occupy                              Occupation

Penetrate                          Penetration

Prescribe                           Prescription

Produce                             Production

Realize                              Realization

Receive                             Reception

Recognize                         Recognition

Reconcile                          Reconciliation

Reflect                               Reflection

Repeat                              Repetition

Restore                            Restoration

Resume                             Resumption

Reveal                               Revelation

Satisfy                               Satisfaction

Solve                                 Solution

Speculate                          Speculation

Verify                                Verification

  1. Words Ending In ‘Ance’ Or ‘Ence’:

Accept                                     Acceptance

Appear                                     Appearance

Assure                                     Assurance

Attend                                      Attendance

Continue                                  Continuance

Convenient                              Convenience

Defend                                     Defense

Depend                                    Dependence

Deter                                        Deterrence

Different                                   Difference

Enter                                        Entrance

Excellent                                  Excellence

Ignorant                                    Ignorance

Impatient                                  Impatience

Innocent                                   Innocence

Magnificent                              Magnificence

Maintain                                   Maintenance

Obey                                        Obedience

Offend                                      Offence

Perform                                    Performance

Persist                                      Persistence

Pretend                                    Pretense

Silent                                        Silence

Sustain                                     Sustenance

  1. Word Ending In ‘Ty’, ‘ity’ Or ‘ety’ :

Able                                          Ability

Anxious                                    Anxiety

Available                                  Availability

Brief                                         Brevity

Capable                                   Capability

Certain                                     Certainty

Clear                                        Clarity

Curious                                    Curiosity

Enormous                                Enormity

Final                                         Finality

Frail                                          Frailty

Humble                                    Humility

Improper                                  Impropriety

Inferior                                     Inferiority

Ingenious                                 Ingenuity

Intense                                  Intensity

Loyal                                     Loyalty

Monstrous                             Monstrosity

Rare                                      Rarity

Responsible                          Responsibility

Simple                                   Simplicity

Sincere                                  Sincerity

Sure                                       Surety

Unable                                   Inability

Uniform                                  Uniformity

Vain                                       Vanity

4   Words Ending in ‘Sion’:

Admit                                Admission

Compel                                        Compulsion

Confess                                       Confession

Confuse                                       Confusion

Convert                                        Conversion

Decide                                Decision

Discuss                               Discussion

Divert                                Diversion

Expand                               Expansion

Include                                Inclusion

Precise                                        Precision

Pretend                                        Pretension

Proceed                              Procession

Propel                                          Propulsion

Succeed                             Succession

Suspend                            Suspension

5.Words Ending in ‘-ment’:

Accompany                       Accompaniment

Amaze                               Amazement

Astonish                            Astonishment

Better                                Betterment

Encourage                         Encouragement

Enjoy                                 Enjoyment

Excite                                Excitement

Postpone                           Postponement

Require                             Requirement

Settle                                Settlement

State                                 Statement

  1. Words Ending in ’Al’:

Arrive                            Arrival

Avow                             Avowal

Propose                        Proposal

Refuse                          Refusal

Remove                        Removal

Survive                         Survival

Try                                Trial

7.Words Ending in ‘Cy’:

Adequate                     Adequacy

Constant                      Consistency

Delicate                        Delicacy

Frequent                      Frequency

Immediate                    Immediacy

Intimate                        Intimacy

Recent                          Recency

Secret                           Secrecy

Vacant                          Vacancy

8.Words Ending in ‘Th’ or ‘Ht:

Deep                                           Depth

Fly                                               Flight

Grow                                           Growth
High                                  Height

Long                                            Length

See                                   Sight

True                                  Truth

  1. Words Ending In ‘Ness’:

Eager                                Eagerness

Firm                                             Firmness

Great                                           Greatness

Sad                                   Sadness

Silly                                             Silliness

Ugly                                             Ugliness

Unhappy                            Unhappiness

Weary                               Weariness

10.Words Ending in ‘Age’:

Carry                   Carriage

Marry                   Marriage

Pass                     Passage

Use                       Usage

11.Words Ending in ‘Y’:

Deliver                   Delivery

Difficult                    Difficulty

Enter                                 Entry

Jealous                   Jealousy

Modest                              Modesty

Orthodox                Orthodoxy

  1. Words Ending in ‘ism’:

Escape                         Escapism

Ideal                             Idealism

Modern                        Modernism

Social                          Socialism

13.Words Ending in ‘Ude’:

Exact                            Exactitude

Grateful                        Gratitude

Quiet                             Quietude

Solitary                          Solitude

  1. Changing ‘Ve’ to ‘F’ Or ‘Fe’:

 Believe                            Belief

 Grieve                             Grief

 Live                                 Life

 Relieve                            Relief

  1. Words Ending In’ure’ :

 Close                                Closure

Disclose                            Disclosure

Fail                                   Failure

 Please                              Pleasure

  1. Words Ending in ‘Ery’:

Brave                                Bravery

Green                                Greenery

  1. Change’s’ To ‘E’:

Advise                            Advice

Devise                            Device

Practise                          Practice

Prophesy                        Prophecy

18.Miscellaneous :

Behave                            Behavior

Choose                            Choice

Complain                         Complaint

Do                                               Deed

Easy                                            Ease

Envelop                            Envelope

Escape                                        Escapade

Know                                Knowledge

Likely                                           Likelihood

Lose                                            Loss

Proud                                          Pride

Pursue                              Pursuit

Remain                             Reminder

Respond                            Response

Sell                                   Sale

Serve                               Service

Sorry                                Sorrow

Succeed                            Success

 Tell                                  Tale

Wise                                  Wisdom

Exercise   For Practice   

Achieve, Duplicate, Disappear, Introduce, Honest, Amuse, Equal, Endure, Kind, Intend, Assist, Evaporate, Establish, Manage, Irregular, Bright, Arrange, Execute, Organize, Lonely, Conclude, Bitter, Express, Prevent, Observe, Declare, Complete, Fascinate, Popular, Original, Develop, Determine, Great, Extreme, Prepare, Dirty, Devote, Improve, Free, Protect, Provide, Various, Reflect, Ready, Young,

Significant, Separate, Active, Soft, Similar, Preserve, Substitute, Stupid, Prove, Suppose, Suggest, Puzzle, Wide, Conclude.
















  1. Verb Forms :


  1. Words Ending In ‘en’ :

Heart                       Hearten    

High                        Heighten

Long                       Lengthen

Quiet                       Quieten

Red                         Redden

Sad                         Sadden

Strength                  Strengthen

Straight                   Straighten


2.Words Beginning with ‘en’:

Able                        Enable

Circle                      Encircle

Courage                  Encourage

Dear                        Endear

Large                      Enlarge

Noble                      Ennoble

Rich                        Enrich

Sure                        Ensure

  1. Words Ending in ‘-ise’ :

Climate                   Acclimatise

Formal                    Formalise

Hospital                   Hospitalise

Energy                    Energise

Ideal                        Idealise

Memory                   Memorise

Modern                   Modernise

People                    Popularise

Political                   Politicise

Regular                   Regulerise

Special                    Specialise

Sympathy                Sympathise

System                   Systematise

Terror                     Terrorise

Vapour                     Vapourise

Rural                        Ruralise

Voice/ Vocal             Vocalise


  1. Words Ending in ‘ify’ :

Beautiful                 Beautify

Certain                              Certify

Clear                                 Clarify

Electric                              Electrify

Example                                      Exemplify

Horror                                Horrify

Intense                              Intensify

Mystery                             Mystify

Peace                                Pacify

Person                              Personify

Significance                       Signify

Simple                               Simplify

Terror                                Terrify


  1. Words Ending in ‘ate’:

Brief                                  Abbreviate

Circle                                 Circulate

Different                            Differentiate

Humble                              Humiliate                     

Migrant                              Migrate

Name                                Nominate

Necessary                         Necessitate

Nervous                             Enervate

Official                               Officiate

Original                              Originate

Regular                             Regulate

Vapour                              Evaporate

Vigour                               Invigorate


  1. Shortening the Word :

Argument                          Argue

Attention                            Attend

Comparison                       Compare

Contribution                       Contribute

Different                            Differ

Domestication                    Domesticate

Excellent                           Excel

Health                               Heal

Imagination                        Imagine

Laughter                            Laugh

Migration                           Migrate

Situation                            Situate

Vaccination                        Vaccinate

Variation                            Variate /Vary

Variety                              Vary

Winner                              Win





  1. Adding ‘-e’ to The Word :

Breath                      Breathe

Cloth                      Clothe

Envelop                   Envelope

Teeth                      Teethe

Wreath                   Wreathe


8 Starting Specific Prefixes:

{A}   ‘Be’ —   Little             Belittle

                     Fool              Befool

                    Friend           Befriend

                     Jewel            Bejewel

{B}    ‘Em’ — Power           Empower

                    Bitter             Embitter

{C}     ‘As’ — Sure             Assure

                    Certain          Ascertain

{D}     ‘E’ —  Strange         Estrange


9 Miscellaneous   :

Blood                      Bleed

Destruction             Destroy

Food                       Feed

Gift                         Give

Grass                      Graze

Habitat                    Inhabit

Line                         Align

Long                       Elongate

Low                         Lower

Peace                     Appease

Poor                        Impoverish

Suspicious               Suspect


Exercise     For Practice

Action, Black, Definition, Dark, Deep, Fat, Flat, Hard, Infection, Information, Preference, Reaction, Short,Thick, White, Receipt, Drama, Action
























































3.Adjective  Forms  :


  1. Words Ending in ‘-ous’:

Advantage               Advantageous

Anxiety                    Anxious

Continue                 Continuous  

Courage                  Courageous

Courtesy                 Courteous

Desire                    Desirous

Fame                                Famous

Glory                       Glorious

Grief                       Grievous

Hazard                    Hazardous

Infect                       Infectious

Labour                    Laborious

Marvel                     Marvelous

Miracle                    Miraculous

Mischief                  Mischievous

Moments                 Momentous

Mystery                   Mysterious

Number                   Numerous

Office                      Officious

Peril                        Perilous

Religion                   Religious

Ridicule                   Ridiculous

Riot                         Riotous

Ruin                        Ruinous

Study                      Studious

Suspect                   Suspicious

Vein                        Venous

Victory                    Victorious

Vigour                     Vigorous


2.Words Ending In ‘y’:

Anger                     Angry

Bag                        Baggy

Blood                     Bloody

Dirt                          Dirty

Dust                        Dusty

Fire                        Fiery

Flower                     Flowery

Grass                      Grassy

Grime                      Grimy

Hunger                    Hungry

Might                       Mighty

Mist                                   Misty

Need                                 Needy

Rain                                  Rainy

Seed                                 Seedy

Shower                              Showery

Sleep                                 Sleepy

Word                                 Wordy

  1. Words Ending In ‘Able’ Or ‘Ible’:

Accept                    Acceptable

Admire                    Admirable

Advise                     Advisable

Belief                      Believable

Compare                 Comparable

 Drink                      Drinkable

Eat                          Eatable

Honour                    Honourable

Horror                     Horrible

Knowledge              Knowledgeable

Laugh                      Laughable

Love                        Lovable  

Marry                      Marriageable

Memory                   Memorable

Notice                     Noticeable

Question                 Questionable

Terror                      Terrible

  1. Word Ending In ‘Ful’:

Duty                       Dutiful

Fancy                      Fanciful

Fate                        Fateful

Fright                      Frightful

Gratitude                 Grateful

Plenty                     Plentiful

Power                     Powerful

Purpose                  Purposeful

Rest                        Restful

Sin                          Sinful

Skill                         Skillful

Sorrow                    Sorrowful

Succeed                  Successful

Tears                      Tearful

Thought                  Thoughtful

Truth                       Truthful



  1. Words Ending In ‘Al’:

Benefit                    Beneficial

Circumstance          Circumstantial

Condition                 Conditional

Emotion                 Emotional

Experiment              Experimental

Face                      Facial

Influence                Influential

Machine                  Mechanical

Matter                     Material

Name                      Nominal

Nature                    Natural

Office                      Official

Ornament                Ornamental

Paradox                  Paradoxical

Person                    Personal

Provide                   Provisional

Society                    Social

Type                       Typical

Voice                      Vocal

  1. Words Ending in ‘Ent’ Or ‘Ant’:

Appear                    Apparent

Consult                   Consultant

Convenience           Convenient

Depend                  Dependent

Efficiency                Efficient

Exist                       Existence             

Hesitate                  Hesitant

Intelligence              Intelligent

Migrate                    Migrant

Obey                       Obedient

Prevail                     Prevalent

Proficiency              Proficient

Result                     Resultant

Silence                    Silent

  1. Words Ending In ‘ive’ :

Argument                          Argumentative

Conclude                 Conclusive

Create                     Creative

Decide                    Decisive

Effect                      Effective

Elude                      Elusive

Exclude                   Exclusive

Include                              Inclusive

Instruct                              Instructive

Prescribe                           Prescriptive

Prevent                             Preventive

Quality                               Qualitative

Receive                             Receptive

Repeat                              Repetitive

Secret                               Secretive

Succeed                            Successive


  1. Words Ending  in ‘Ary’ Or ‘Ory’ :

Advice                               Advisory

Contribution                       Contributory

Example                            Exemplary

Exclaim                             Exclamatory

Imagine                             Imaginary

Introduce                                     Introductory

Moment                             Momentary

Money                               Monetary

Prepare                             Preparatory

Reaction                                      Reactionary

Satisfy                               Satisfactory


9.Words Ending In ‘Ic’:

Artist                                            Artistic

Climate                              Climatic

Energy                                         Energetic

Enthusiasm                       Enthusiastic

Giant                                           Gigantic

History                                Historic

Problem                             Problematic

Scene                                          Scenic

School                                         Scholastic

Science                             Scientific

Sympathy                          Sympathetic

System                              Systematic


  1. Words That Change Completely

Brother                              Fraternal

Day                                  Diurnal

Eye                                  Optical, Ocular

Father                              Paternal

Flower                              Floral

God                                             Divine

Horse                                          Equine /Equestrian

Joke                                            Jocular / Jocose

Letter                        Epistolary

Merchant                 Mercantile

Mind                        Mental

Mother                    Maternal

Night                       Nocturnal

Star                         Astral/Stellar

Village                     Rural

Wall                        Mural

War                         Martial

Water                      Aquatic

Year                        Annual


  1. Words Ending In ‘En’:


Earth                       Earthen

Freeze                    Frozen

Gold                        Golden

Silk                         Silken

Wood                       Wooden


  1. Words Ending In ‘Ate’:


Affection                  Affectionate

College                    Collegiate

Fortune                   Fortunate

Proportion               Proportionate


  1. Words Ending In ‘Some’ :


Awe                         Awesome

Trouble                   Troublesome


  1. Words Ending In ‘Ly’:


Friend                     Friendly

Heaven                   Heavenly

Hour                        Hourly

Month                     Monthly

Prince                     Princely

Sister                      Sisterly

Week                      Weekly

World                      Worldly





Exercise For Practice


Addition, Center, Comfort, Describe, Fault,  Force, Hope, Impression, Luck, Milk, Persist, Protect, Season, Snow, Thirst, Value, Brain, Cloud, Commerce, Enjoy, Fear, Forget, Hurt, Logic, Magic, Origin, Possess, Reflect, Shadow, Space, Thorn , Wonder, Butter, Colour, Cream, Fat, Feather, Harm, Importance, Loft, Mercy, Pain, Post, Rose, Skin, Sun, Use, Youth.