9 CBSE test MCQ 15 july

Jai Hind Academy

Class 9th                                                                                                                           Max. Marks: 50        

  1. Who or what was toto?
  2. a) A pretty child
  3. b) pretty monkey
  4. c) little horse
  5. d) a pet parrot
  1. By whom was Toto brought to the writer’s house?
  2. a) The writer’s servant.
  3. b) The writer’s father.
  4. c) The writer’s grandfather.
  5. d) The writer’s uncle
  1. For how much was Toto bought?
  2. a) Five rupees.
  3. b) Ten rupees.
  4. c) Fifteen rupees.
  5. d) Twenty rupees.
  1. Who did Grandfather buy Toto from?
  2. a) A rickshaw-puller.
  3. b) A tonga-driver.
  4. c) A milkmaid.
  5. d) A juggler.
  1. What colour was Toto?
  2. a) Red.
  3. b) Brown.
  4. c) Yellow.
  5. d) Grey


  1. The tonga-driver used to keep the monkey…………
  2. a) tied to his tonga.
  3. b) tied to a feeding trough.
  4. c) tied to a tree.
  5. d) tied to a tub.
  1. Grandfather decided to add the little monkey to………….
  2. a) his library.
  3. b) his museum.
  4. c) his theatre company.
  5. d) his private zoo.
  1. Toto had bright eyes that sparkled with…………….
  2. a) joy.
  3. b) mischief.
  4. c) intelligence
  5. d) enthusiasm

9.Toto’s………… often displayed a smile.

  1. a) little lips.
  2. b) shining eyes
  3. c) pearly teeth.
  4. d) red face.

10.Toto’s hands looked as if they had been pickled in the sun.

  1. a) dried up.
  2. b) coiled up.
  3. c) screwed up
  4. d) tail

11.Toto’s ………… added to his good looks.

  1. a) face.
  2. b) eyes.
  3. c) teeth.
  4. d) tail

12.Grandfather believed that……….. added to anybody’s good looks.

  1. a) a nose.
  2. b) a tail.
  3. c) a tall boy
  4. d) a fair complexion
  1. What could toto do with his tail?
  2. a) Beat drum
  3. b) Hang from a branch
  4. c) Eat from a dish
  5. d) Put things into his mouth

14.What would Grandmother do when Grand father brought home some new bird or animal?

  1. a) She always fussed.
  2. b) She felt very happy.
  3. c) She would start crying.
  4. d) She started playing with it.

15.Why was it decided to keep Toto’s presence a secret from Grandmother?

  1. a) Because she did not like monkeys.
  2. b) Because there was no space for it in the house.
  3. c) Because she always fussed when Grand father brought home some new bird or animal.
  4. d) Because she had always a great fear of birds and animals.

16.What did Toto do with the writer’s school blazer?

  1. a) He tore it into shreds.
  2. b) He wore it on his back.
  3. c) He threw it out of the window.
  4. d) He made it into his bedding.
  1. How did Grandfather react when Toto tore the writer’s school blazer into shreds?
  2. a) He was terribly angry.
  3. b) He beat the monkey with a stick.
  4. c) He seemed pleased with the monkey’s performance
  5. d) He decided to give the money back to the tonga-driver.
  1. Before the coming of Toto, Grandfather’s pets included…………..
  2. a) a tortoise and a pair of rabbits.
  3. b) a tame squirrel and a pet goat.
  4. c) a tortoise and a pet goat.
  5. d) a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a tame squirrel and the writer’s pet goat.

Ans (D) a tortoise, a pair of rabbits, a tame squirrel and the writer’s pet goat.

19.Who is the writer of the story, ‘The Adventures of Toto’?

  1. a) Mulk Raj Anand
  2. b) Ruskin Bond.
  3. c) R.K. Laxman
  4. d) Harsh Mander
  1. Where did the writer’s grandfather live?
  2. a) In Dehradun
  3. b) In Saharanpur
  4. c) In Delhi
  5. d) In Mumbai

21.Where had the writer’s Grandfather want to go and why?

  1. a) To Dehradun to collect his pension.
  2. b) To Dehradun to meet an old friend.
  3. c) To Saharanpur to collect his pension.
  4. d) To Saharanpur to meet an old friend.

Ans: (C.) To Saharanpur to collect his pension

  1. How was Toto taken to Saharanpur?
  2. a) In a basket.
  3. b) In a little cage.
  4. c) In a canvas kit-bag.
  5. d) In a black plastic bag.

23.How did the ticket-collector come to know that there was a monkey in Grandfather’s kit-bag?

  1. a) Toto had started jumping in the bag.
  2. b) Toto had torn open his bag.
  3. c) Toto had suddenly poked his head out of the bag.
  4. d) Toto had started squeaking loudly in the bag.

24.What did Grandfather try to convince the ticket-collector about?

  1. a) That Toto was not a dog.
  2. b) That Toto was not a quadruped.
  3. c) Both A and B above.
  4. d) Neither A nor B.

25.What did the ticket-collector classify Toto as?

  1. a) As a dog
  2. b) As a monkey.
  3. c) As a quadruped
  4. d) As a reptile
  1. How much did the ticket-collector charge as Toto’s fare?
  2. a) Three rupees.
  3. b) Four rupees.
  4. c) Five rupees.
  5. d) Six rupees.


27.Which of his pets did Grandfather carry in his pocket while going to Saharanpur?

  1. a) A squirrel.
  2. b) A tortoise.
  3. c) A snake
  4. d) A lizard


28.Why did the ticket-collector not charge Grand father for carrying a tortoise with him?

  1. a) Because the tortoise was not a quadruped.
  2. b) Because the tortoise was not a monkey.
  3. c) Because the tortoise was not a dog.
  4. d) Because the tortoise was not a human being.
  1. Who was Nana?
  2. a) The writer’s maternal Grandfather.
  3. b) The family donkey in Grandfather’s house.
  4. c) Grandfather’s pet tortoise.
  5. d) Grandfather’s pet lizard.
  1. How did Toto have his bath in winter?
  2. a) Grandfather took him to a well daily.
  3. b) Grandmother gave him a large bowl of warm water.
  4. c) The writer gave him a bath in the sunny compound.
  5. d) Toto would go into the bathroom and have a nice bath.

31.What festival were the people going to celebrate?

  1. a) The festival of Holi
  2. b) The festival of Spring
  3. c) The festival of Dussehra
  4. d) The festival of Dipawai


  1. How were the people dressed for the festival?
  2. a) Shabbily
  3. b) Daintily
  4. c) Carelessly
  5. d) Scantly
  1. How were the people going to the festival?
  2. a) Going on foot
  3. b) Riding on horses
  4. c) Carried in bamboo and bullock carts.
  5. d) all of the above

34.Who was the little boy going with?

  1. a) With his father
  2. b) With his mother.
  3. c) With his father and mother
  4. d) None of the above.

35.How was the little boy feeling while going to the fair?

  1. a) Nervous
  2. b) Frightened
  3. c) Sad and unhappy.
  4. d) Full of life and laughter
  1. What did the parents say when the child lagged behind?
  2. a) Come, child, come
  3. b) Come, or you’ll be lost
  4. c) Come, have these toys
  5. d) Come, we’re getting late
  1. What did the child do when his parents said, Come, child, come?
  2. a) He refused to move.
  3. b) He hurried towards them.
  4. c) he looked at the child red eyed
  5. d) he began to beat the child

Ans (B)He hurried towards them.

38.What did the father do when the child said, “I want that toy.”?

  1. a) He at once bought the toy for the child.
  2. b) He said, “Look, child, what is before you.”
  3. c) He looked at the child red-eyed.
  4. d) He began to beat the child.
  1. What did the mother do when the child said, “I want that toy.”?
  2. a) She asked the father to buy that toy for the child
  3. b) She looked at the child red-eyed.
  4. c) She said they had no money for the toy
  5. d) She said, “Look, child, what is there before you!
  1. How did the flowering mustard-field look?
  2. a) White like silver
  3. b) Red like a rose
  4. c) Pale like melting gold
  5. d) lovely like a rainbow
  6. What did the child do as they passed by the mustard field?
  7. a) He collected some flowers.
  8. b) He ran after butterflies and caught some of them.
  9. c) He would try to catch dragon-flies as one of them settled down to rest there.
  10. d) He lay down to rest there

42.Who said to the child, “Come, child, come, come on to the footpath.?

  1. a) The father.
  2. b) The mother
  3. c) Both the father and the mother.
  4. d) Neither the father nor the mother.

43.What was it that attracted the child on the footpath?

  1. a) The butterflies.
  2. b) The dragon-flies.
  3. c) The Doves
  4. d) The little insects and worms

44.What did the parents do when they reached a shady grove?

  1. a) They collected some flowers for the child.
  2. b) They lay down to rest for some time.
  3. c) They sat down on the edge of a well.
  4. d) They listened to the cooing of doves.
  1. What happened as the child entered the grove?
  2. a) A shower of young flowers fell on him.
  3. b) A dove flew above his head.
  4. c) His father started shouting at him.
  5. d) His mother collected some flowers for him.

46.What did the child start doing when a shower of young flowers fell on him?

  1. a) He started collecting the flowers from the ground.
  2. b) He started gathering the raining petals in his hands.
  3. c) He started dancing with joy.
  4. d) He started climbing up the flowering tree.
  1. What did the child do when he heard the cooing of doves in the grove?
  2. a) He started cooing like the doves.
  3. b) He tried to catch the doves.
  4. c) the doves
  5. d) He told his parents that he wanted to have the dove.
  1. What shop was there at the entrance of the fair?
  2. a) A toy shop.
  3. b) A balloon shop.
  4. c) A-sweetmeat-shop.
  5. d) A flower shop

49.What was the child’s favourite sweet?

  1. a) Gulab Jamun.
  2. b) Rasagulla
  3. c) Burfi
  4. d) Jalebi.

50.What did the child say as they passed by sweetmeat-shop?

  1. a) He said, ‘I want that burfi
  2. b) He said, I want that jalebi
  3. c) He said, I want that rasagulla.
  4. d) He said, I want that gulab jamun