Some Basic Spelling Rules

Check your Spelling Ability

  1. Drop the E if you add ING (hope- hoping)
  2. F, L and S are doubled after a single vowel in a one syllable word (till but not until)
  3. ALL, WELL, FULL, TILL  always drop one L when added to another word (welcome, useful)
  4. P, T N and G are doubled after short vowel and before adding an ending beginning with vowel.  (shop- shopping)
  5. K is spelt CK after a short vowel at the end of one syllable word. (clock)
  6. CH is spelt TCH  after a short vowel at the end of one syllable word. (watch)
  7. If a word ends with a vowel +Y, keep the Y before adding an ending (donkeys)
  8. If a word ends with consonant + Y, change the Y to I before adding the ending. (party-parties)
  9. When adding the suffix – ous, -ious, -ary, -ation, -ific, ize and -ise  to a word which ends in-our,  you should change the -our to -or  before adding the suffix:  humour- humorous, glamour- glamorous, labour- laborious. Note that the ending should remain as -our  before other suffixes: colourful, favourite, odourless.
  10. Most people know the rule I before E except after C;  this only applies when the sound is ee.  So you should spell receive, ceiling and conceive with –ei,  because the ee sound follows the letter C,  whereas piece, believe and thief are spelt -ie  because the ee  the sound does not follow a C. There are few exceptions to this rule. (such as -Sieze)