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9 CBSE test MCQ 15 july

Jai Hind Academy Class 9th                                                                                                                           Max. Marks: 50         Who or what was toto? a) A pretty child b) pretty monkey c) little horse d) a pet parrot By whom was Toto brought to the writer’s house? a) The writer’s servant. b) The writer’s father. c) The writer’s grandfather. d) The writer’s uncle For how much …

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Some Basic Spelling Rules

Check your Spelling Ability Drop the E if you add ING (hope- hoping) F, L and S are doubled after a single vowel in a one syllable word (till but not until) ALL, WELL, FULL, TILL  always drop one L when added to another word (welcome, useful) P, T N and G are doubled after short vowel and before adding an ending beginning with vowel.  (shop- shopping) K is spelt CK after a …

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TENSES TENSES: Tenses show time.  There are 3 main tenses: Present tense Past tense Future tense These are again divided into four types. 1 Simple Continuous Perfect Perfect continuous So, there are total 12 tense: We need to understand three things about any tense: Definition 2. Structure 3. Usage   1) SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE: Definition: When …

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MODAL AUXILIARIES:   These are the second type of auxiliary verbs. They are called modals because they show the mood of the sentence. These helping verbs give different shades of meanings to the sentence. Hence, to use English in its full strength we must learn these modals. There are number of modal auxiliaries. Can                      could …

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12th Result Today: Check the links here

12th Result Today 4.00 pm The much awaited Maharashtra State Board 12th Result will be declared today, that is 3rd August 2021. Check the following links to  see your result. All the best . निकालासाठी खालील website चा वापर करा